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published on   April 1, 2021  filed in Gallery / Grey's Anatomy 47 

The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs tonight at 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST. One image is in the gallery and you can read more information and watch the trailer below.

The hospital ventilator shortage has the doctors gravely concerned when both a mother and daughter are in critical condition with COVID and fighting over the last ventilator. Meanwhile, Hayes’ high-risk sister-in-law with multiple sclerosis ends up in the hospital with a kidney stone, and the sister house has a few more kids join it as Amelia plays babysitter for the day.

Guest starring is Lisa Vidal as Alma “Mama” Ortiz.

published on   March 21, 2021  filed in Gallery / Grey's Anatomy 40 

Screencaptures of Chris in the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy – entitled It’s All Too Much – are now in the gallery. This was the eighth episode of season 17.

published on   March 17, 2021  filed in Gallery / Grey's Anatomy 46 

More than 100 screencaptures of Chris in the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy are now in the gallery, thanks to Mi.

published on   December 17, 2020  filed in Gallery / Grey's Anatomy 72 

Screencaptures from episodes 2, 3, 4 and 5 of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy are now in the gallery. Episode 6 – which is called “No Time For Despair” airs tomorrow (Thursday 17th December). Station 19’s Jay Hayden and Stefania Spampinato will guest star in the episode, which is also the winter finale.

published on   December 15, 2020  filed in Gallery / Grey's Anatomy 69 

A promotional photo and several episode stills from season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy are now in the gallery. Look for screencaptures and lots more content in the run up to Christmas and Chris’s 40th birthday!

published on   October 4, 2020  filed in Gallery / Grey's Anatomy 76 

All remaining screencaptures of Chris from season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy have been added to the gallery. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Amelia and Link in season 17 now that their baby boy has arrived.